The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl

Circle Letters: The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl - A Memoir by Aleta M. Schrock

Monday, February 27, 2012

1000 Gifts List #182-202

182. A heartfelt thank you from a challenging student’s mother.
183. A little first grader says, “Mrs. Ellsworth, have you ever had too many boys in your head?” When I look at her quizzically she adds, “I just can’t decide which of them to have as a boyfriend… but then I was nice to one and he ignored me and the other one broke up with me.” (I encourage her that first graders are best off just having boys as friends rather than boyfriends.)
184. Laughing over hilarious first grade comments with other teachers.
185. Watching a first grade boy grin at me while a loose front tooth dangles sideways.
186. The silence that falls over the classroom when I start reading a book or talking about African American History.
187. Seeing every eye in full attention when I read or tell about African American History.
188. Waving at a passing student and her friend in the school hallway and overhearing her explain to her friend that I was her brother’s first grade teacher.
189. And then overhearing the friend ask, “Was she nice?” and the student reply, “Yes.”
190. The energy to teach all day.
191. My husband’s voice on the other end of the phone saying, “I just wanted to hear your beautiful voice.”
192. A little girl asking me to fix her braid and when I’m done she smiles up at me and says, ‘Thank you. I’m Mrs. Ellsworth now. You can go get in line with the children.”
193. Eating lunch with students and listening to their chatter.

194. Curled branches.

195. Looped branches.

196. Nature’s Christmas ornaments.

197. Jet-stream cross.
198. Fresh cool air filling my lungs.
199. The joy of the Lord as I walk.
200. Watching a little girl snuggle up in her Daddy’s lap at church.
201. Being filled to overflowing with the presence of God.
202. My husband calling to say that he sold his first solar item.
203.   . . .

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