The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl

Circle Letters: The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl - A Memoir by Aleta M. Schrock

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1000 Gifts List #148-181

148.Discovering a fun little bakery, café and gift shop along the River Walk.
149. Sharing a Key Lime Torte at the café.
150. Walking with my husband along the River Walk under blue skies and sunshine in 35 degree winter weather.
151. The students reading well while I’m being formally observed by my principal.
152. The students all busy working when the principal unexpectedly pops into my classroom for a moment.
153. A dozen red roses delivered to my classroom on Valentine’s Day morning.
154. Two perfect and awesome Valentine’s Day cards from my husband.
155. Sharing Valentine’s Day candy half-pieces with my husband.
156. My mom calling and inviting me to join her and my Virginia aunts and girl-cousins and their children for a week at the beach at Nagshead, NC, this summer.
157. My aunt Vada texting me that she’s going to join us at Nagshead.
158. Remembering back twenty plus years to the time spent at Nagshead with family.
159. Thinking I was talking with my still out-of-town husband on the drive home from school, only to arrive at home and be delightfully surprised to see his car already in the driveway.
160. Having my husband home for a long weekend.
161. Discovering a paint sample card with nine beautiful shades of green at Menards. I smile at it as I walk around the store.
162. Seeing a new book on a store shelf that’s written by a favorite author.
163. Hearing my students’ “Oh, no! What if she’s mean.” complaints when they hear they’re going to have a sub the following day.
164. Reminiscing and talks about life with my cousin, Rosella.
165. Trees.

166. A myriad of criss-crossing, entangled branches.

167. Empty nests revealed through bare tree branches. Summer homes waiting for life to return.

168. Squirrels leaping from tree to tree.

169. Reminders of his sacrifice.
170. The glory of God revealed in sunshine and water.

171. Fairy dust in water.
172. The energized feeling after a joy walk.
173. A lazy Saturday morning sleeping in.
174. Hearing the first grade discussion about why “Martin Luther King, Jr. is a Good Leader” would make a better title for the story we had just read rather than “Equal Rights for all Americans”. Wow! These children are amazing.
175. Certain students not getting angry when they get a Behavior Card change, because they understand that their inappropriate choice brought on the card change, not the teacher.
176. Discovering a new blog written by someone from a similar cultural heritage.
177. Eating dinner with students.
178. Watching a student who used to give up easily push on and continue learning to read a book he had thought looked interesting.
179. A student eventually figuring out that one penny more after three nickels is 16 cents and not 20 cents.
180. Writing a letter of support for a student’s mother who is being deported.
181. Roses still thriving a week later.

182.   . . .

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