The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl

Circle Letters: The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl - A Memoir by Aleta M. Schrock

Monday, January 16, 2012

Please Help!

Last Year I resolved to write more consistently and this Blog is the result of that resolution. The challenge is that I'm a new blogger with no one to help me understand this awesome social media biz... I would be happy to share the community graphics for 1000 Gifts on my blog, but I don't know how to do it. Could someone please give me the necessary info? Thank you so much in advance.


  1. If you're meaning the Multitudes on monday graphic that you put inside your post, simply copy and paste the code from here: into your post wherever you want it and publish! =)

    1. Thanks, Tanya Beth for taking the time to reply. This question was beginning to feel a little lonely out here by itself! I posted the web address you provided and it creates a link to that website. but it doesn't add the icon.

    2. okay, just to clarify, have you gone to the address above and copy and pasted the code underneath the One Thousand Gifts graphic or have you just pasted the web address?

    3. Hi, Tanya Beth, I've tried both ways and neither has worked. Here is what I do. I go to the web page with the buttons. I highlight the web address inside the box with the scrolling arrows that is under the Multitudes on Mondays button. Then I copy it. Next I go to my blog and paste is onto my post and then click publish. I just paste it into my post the same way I paste all the other writing I am publishing. Am I doing it right?