The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl

Circle Letters: The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl - A Memoir by Aleta M. Schrock

Thursday, March 8, 2012

1000 Gifts List #203-217

203. Reading an excellent book.
204. Finishing a book that is so profoundly thought provoking that I am return to chapter one rather than closing the book.
205. Watching my cousin’s expression mirror my own thoughts when I tell her something from a book I’ve read.
206. Discovering that the author behind a particular penname is an Old Order Mennonite Woman.
207. Remembering my phone is on vibrate in my purse at the same time that my husband is trying to call me.
208. Discovering a new flavor of tea.
209.  A tea that consists solely of dried lime.
210. Early morning sunshine lighting up the world with a yellow glow.
211. Looking forward to my husband coming home after working out of state for almost three weeks.
212. The bottom half of the moon jutting out from underneath a ragged dark cloud.
213. Students inspired to learn.
214. Students learning to write about a moment in their lives… mini-memoirs.
215. A student recognizing that her voice knows where the periods belong in her story.
216. A child’s delighted smile with brown eyes aglow.
217. A full moon glowing in the sky.
218.   . . .

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