The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl

Circle Letters: The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl - A Memoir by Aleta M. Schrock

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1000 Gifts List #218-245, The Lorax

          Sunday afternoon on the drive home from a birthday dinner with my sister-in-law I commented, “A nap sure sounds good.”
          “I was hoping I could interest you in a movie.” My husband replied.
          “Which movie?”
          It’s an action movie.”
          “Is there an actual story line or is it just pure action?” He knows I can endure his action movies when there is a good story accompanying it.
          “I’m not sure,” was his reply. “I just saw some previews, but I don’t know too much more about it.”
          “Can I have a nap first?”
          I was not in the mood for another action movie. The last couple movies we had seen together had been “his” action movies. They had ended up having good story lines and I’d actually enjoyed them, but it was my turn for a chick flick… I was too tired to think of what I would want to see or whether there was even anything playing that I’d like. (There usually isn’t.) And I had to admit that normally he saw more of my chick flicks with me than I saw action movies with him so… I would just hope for another good story line…
          After about an hour of sleeping I heard him stirring downstairs. “Whatcha doin?” I called.
          “Looking up movie times. There’s a 5:30 and an 8:30 showing. Which one do you want?
          “I glanced at the alarm clock: 5:15. How about the 5:30 one?”
          “Sounds good to me.”
          I jumped up and got dressed.
          We arrived just as the previews were starting. “Two tickets for… (my husband named some action sounding name) or…” then he turned and looked at me with a grin, “Would you like to see The Lorax?” He knows I’m a Dr. Seuss fan.
          My eyes lit up as he paid for the tickets.
          After The Lorax was over and we were leaving the theater, my husband glanced at his watch and commented, “We could go see that action movie now. It’s just starting.”
          “Did you want to?” I asked.
          “Not really. I have a few things I need to get ready for work tomorrow.”
          I stopped walking and looked at him. “So you had planned all along to see The Lorax?”
          He just laughed.
          I love feeling loved.

218. My husband surprising me and watching The Lorax with me.
219. Seeing a scene in nature that causes you to want to stop and take a picture.
220. Waking up next to my husband.
221. The peaceful flow of the river.
222. First grade students encouraging third grade ISTEP test takers with daily treats.
223. Tea with a friend you haven’t seen for awhile.
224. Dinner at home across the table from my husband.
225. The peace of God in my heart.
226. Sushi with lots of wasabi and soy sauce.
227. Pickled ginger.
228. Choosing a gift for my sister-in-law’s birthday.
229. Soaking in hot Epsom Salts water.
230. Time to relax on the deck next to my husband in the warm spring sunshine.
231. Promises of spring.

232. The first robin.
233. Hearing the twittering of birds outside.

234. Tree people with one arm crooked.

235. Seeing blue skies and white clouds floating by through the tree branches.
236. The hill on my joy walk route.
237. The ability to run up and down a hill.
238. Vitamin D fresh from the sun while I’m walking.

239. Gorgeous storm clouds.

240. Baked salmon with lemon juice.
241. The recycling triangle on containers.
242. Forty year old memories of riding to the neighborhood, country dump on the back of the trash-barrel filled wagon.
243. A new student who fits in without changing the dynamics of the classroom. (meaning he can sit beside or work with anyone and get along)
244. Milk tapioca pudding with real whip cream fresh from the cow.
245. Memories of eating Grossmommy’s milk tapioca pudding and listening to her explain exactly how she made it, what else was happening while she was making it and how it turned out (in her opinion).
246.   . . .

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