The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl

Circle Letters: The Story of an Old Order Mennonite Girl - A Memoir by Aleta M. Schrock

Monday, April 2, 2012

1000 Gifts #292-312 Teamwork

           On a typical Sunday morning I get up first and take my bath (while my husband sleeps in a few extra minutes) so that I can then do my hair while he takes his bath. Ideally this will cause us both to be ready at about the same time. But because of this schedule, I also typically get left with feeding the dog and taking her outside. And since I’m downstairs in the kitchen anyway, I grab a quick bite and pour a glass of milk for my husband. We’re in a hurry, but we need just enough of something so we don’t sit in church distracted by empty, growling stomachs. Sometimes I have complainingly asked my husband why I’m left with all the work every Sunday morning.
          This particular Sunday my husband’s alarm went off earlier than usual. Rueben from church had asked if he would run the sound system this morning he explained as he headed for the tub. I got to sleep in an entire thirty minutes. Sweet! While I got ready my husband took care of the dog. “Are you almost ready?” he called upstairs forty minutes later. I looked at the time. We needed to leave in six minutes. Normally I have all my clothes laid out for the day, but this morning was an exception.
          “The sweater I want to wear is lying on top of the dryer. I don’t think it’s entirely dry yet. Could you toss it in the dryer for a few minutes?” He obligingly did. As I pulled on the sweater five minutes later I hollered downstairs again. “Would you please pour me a glass of milk and put in a spoonful of molasses?” At exactly fifteen minutes after. The exact time we needed to leave I flew downstairs. He finished stirring the molasses into my milk before handing it to me. As I quickly drank the delicious mixture, I apologetically thanked him for all the last minute tasks I had asked him to do.
          His matter of fact response was, “We’re a team. It’s what we do for each other.”
          At that moment I fell in love with him all over again.

My List:
292. My husband saying: We’re a team. This is what we do for each other.
293. A roomful of twenty-five children harmoniously, messily painting beautiful pictures.
294. My husband wanting to use honey and molasses in place of sugar to sweeten the pumpkin custard.
295. The oops I’m sorry but it is funny grin on a four year olds face as she looks back at me after her birthday balloon accidentally knocked me in the head while she was running past me in her attempt to keep up with her mother who was rushing towards the grocery checkout register.
296. The words I love you Mrs. Ellsworth from the lips of a student who had tested my patience the day before and then again on the way out to the bus.
297. The proud look on the face of a student when I brag to a second grade teacher that he is almost ready for second grade.
298. A day at school without students to get caught up on report cards and room organizing.
299. Pajama day at school.
300. A student who allows me to push him hard academically.
301. That same student handed me a sticker with the words, “This is from my little brother. He asked if I had a nice teacher and I said yes, so he told me to give this to you.”
302.  Time to write.
303. A student saying, “Mrs. Ellsworth, I have three moms: you, Mrs. Robbins and my stepmom.
304. A sale on the exact items I was going to buy anyway.
305. Hearing the exact words I needed to hear on a favorite radio program. 
306. I student coming up to me and saying, “I read what you wrote on my report card. Thank you!”
307. Safe travels.

308. Watching the world become greener with each joy walk this spring.

309. The sidewalks strewn with flower petals like a bridal pathway and I walk through it into the presence of God.
310. Children’s chalk art decorating the sidewalk on my joy walk path.
311. Feeling the pull of my calf muscles as my body angles sharply forward to make it up a steep incline.
312. Hearing about a friends travels to foreign cities we have visited.
313.   . . .


  1. As a former teacher/counselor, I SO appreciate your 292-312 "thanks"! Your students are blessed. You and your husband are also blessed to have each other! Have a wonderful week in the Lord.

    1. Thank you, Cindy, I am blessed by your courage and faith when I read your blog.

      May this blessing from Numbers 6 be in your life:

      24The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:
      25The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
      26The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

  2. Hello. Stopping in from Ann's, your picture drew me in (If there's a camera in my hand I nearly always take a picture looking up into the heavens).
    What beautiful gifts He has blessed you with, thank you for sharing them here.

    I have two favorites today....
    His matter of fact response was, “We’re a team. It’s what we do for each other.”
    At that moment I fell in love with him all over again

    and this:
    The sidewalks strewn with flower petals like a bridal pathway and I walk through it into the presence of God.

    beautiful praise!

  3. Thank you, t, Isn't it amazing. The more we focus on our blessings, the more blessed we become!